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ViroteaED is out now!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The latest addition to Virotea's service portfolio, ViroteaED, is now available for testing and ordering. ViroteaED is a VR-based training tool for healthcare and care services with the aim of improving staff knowledge, understanding, and empathy towards care recipients.

The service is specially developed for LSS and elderly care, which have care recipients with cognitive disabilities. Virotea has always aimed to improve the living conditions and quality of life for care recipients, and ViroteaED is an important step in this direction. ViroteaED gives staff the opportunity to understand the needs and desires of users on a deeper level, and thereby offer a more personalized and customized care.

ViroteaED is easy to use and accessible for all staff, regardless of experience or background. The training service has been developed with an interactive and user-friendly design, so that staff can be trained without prior knowledge of VR.

But ViroteaED is not just a training tool. It is also a tool for increasing collaboration and communication within a facility. By sharing their experiences and knowledge with each other, staff can collaborate and learn from each other to offer better care.

We believe that ViroteaED will have a significant impact on the healthcare sector. The service gives staff the opportunity to understand the needs and desires of care recipients on a deeper level, thereby offering more personal and tailored care. We are proud of ViroteaED and hope that the training service will contribute to better care for all.

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