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Advantages of VR as a welfare technology

1. A Meaningful Activity

Health-promoting activities are important, both for the care recipients who live in nursing homes and for those who live at home. According to care facts from Vårdföretagarna only 65% of the elderly are satisfied with the activities offered at their accommodation. With ViroteaVR and ViroteaGo, care recipients get an activity that breaks the everyday pattern, something that is more exciting and new than bingo.

2. Countering Mental Illness

A large proportion of the elderly in Sweden suffer from mental illness, which is often due to loneliness, physical ailments and social and psychological changes. According to The Public Health Authority is both education in and use of digital technology a good way to promote social participation among the elderly. By breaking everyday patterns and offering exciting activities, including with VR technology, we can counteract this.

3. Creates Community

The transition to leaving your working life behind or getting older can make some people feel lost and find it difficult to find their new place. Many elderly people live their lives in solitude without the ambition or energy to get to know their neighbors at home. Virtually visiting Paris or Thailand together is a powerful way to create community and start a conversation between the care recipients.

4. See The World From a Different Perspective

By using ViroteaED, healthcare professionals can experience daily life with cognitive impairments. With the help of the right education and experience, the understanding of these people increases, which leads to a better adapted treatment. It is difficult for us to fully understand another person before we have put ourselves in their situation.

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