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Not as complicated as you might think

VR is a relatively new technology that is unfamiliar to many. Others may have tried playing games, shooting zombies or standing on top of a skyscraper. Our service is much simpler.


With the target group in mind, we have designed the service to be as easy to use as possible - everyone should be able to try VR. Forget complicated logins, hand controls that need to change the battery. Just press play!

Step 1

Take out the VR glasses

Press the on/off button on the VR glasses to start. Using the tablet, you then easily select the desired activity.

Step 2

Gather the group

Help your care recipients put on the glasses so that they fit comfortably and properly.

Step 3

Explore the world!

The group is now ready to experience interesting and rewarding experiences and activities in the form of sightseeing, classical pieces of music, quizzes etc. according to wishes and day form.

Meningsfull vardag på äldreboendet - Förenade Care & Virotea

Meningsfull vardag på äldreboendet - Förenade Care & Virotea

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