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Healthcare staff have never had the opportunity to experience for themselves what it can be like to live with a functional variation - until now.

Staff in LSS residences and care for the elderly meet care recipients on a daily basis who, through their disabilities, experience the world in a diametrically different way. ViroteaED is en VR-based solution for training in healthcare where healthcare professionals can test what it's like to live with cognitive impairment such as autism and dementia.


Understanding and empathy

In order for staff in care and social care to be able to assist care recipients in the best way, they must be able to understand how a person with functional variation experiences their everyday life. In an immersive and immersive VR experience in a 360-degree view, the staff gets to live in the role of care recipient.


ViroteaED trains staff in how they can use educational aids within LSS, e.g. social story, voting board, etc. Staff in elderly care learn to deal with e.g. loneliness, delusions and how to best adapt a living environment.

What do you get in the package?

The ViroteaED package includes two pairs of VR glasses with 4K resolution and high performance. The films are used for empathy-enhancing purposes as a discussion basis for skills training.

Innovation and new thinking

It is difficult to use words to describe how someone with e.g. autism experiences the world. Often, staff in care and social care are trained with lectures, books and a few quick asides. 


Practice makes perfect. With the help of VR, you can rehearse and experience work situations and social interactions an unlimited number of times without the involvement of the customer.

Simple Tech

The VR glasses are easy to use and are carefully adapted  and tailored for an industry with low technology maturity among the workforce. Just select movie and press play!

Better Treatment

Increased empathy and understanding gives staff new opportunities to improve their treatment. Better treatment ultimately means better care for the customer.

Our other solutions

Experiences for residents within LSS and elderly care.

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