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En person som håller i en utbildning och en vårdassistent som använder Virtual Reality

VR-based Education in Social Interactions

ViroteaED is a VR-based education software designed to better understand and interact with individuals with cognitive impairments. It has been developed in collaboration with the Cognition Team of Karlstad Municipality and Silviasystrar specializing in dementia care.

Virotea's VR-based training offers healthcare personnel within disability services and elderly care a unique opportunity to experience everyday situations from the perspective of individuals with cognitive impairments such as autism and dementia. Through simulations with VR goggles, staff gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and needs.

How it works

This training, tailored for healthcare and social care, should be seen as a complement to traditional care education. The skills development is suitable for all types of care functions and employment forms, such as permanent staff, new hires, summer substitutes, and management teams. The delivery of the VR goggles takes only 2-4 days from order, and after that, we arrange a kickoff meeting either in person or digitally with a representative from the Virotea team. Thereafter, the operation itself (supervisor) is responsible for training its staff with the support of Virotea.

Quality assured content

The content and design of this VR-based training in customer interaction have been meticulously developed in collaboration with the Cognition Team and Silviasystrarna in the municipality of Karlstad. With their knowledge and experience in cognitive impairments, they have quality-assured the VR training. The result is an educational experience that is both engaging and effective. Thanks to this collaboration, we can guarantee that the training provides participants with tools and insights that are directly applicable in their daily work.

The scope of ViroteaED

In addition to the VR headset and course materials, the package also includes information on the use of various educational aids for these two specific areas. Within disability services, this includes tools such as social stories and choice boards, while staff in elderly care learn to handle topics such as loneliness, delusions, and how to adapt the living environment. We also offer the opportunity to customize the VR-based skills development according to individual wishes and needs.

Memorable learning

It's difficult to explain with words or text how someone with autism, for example, experiences the world. With Virotea's VR-based skills development, healthcare staff receive memorable learning that differs from traditional methods, where information often gets lost among books. By experiencing various realistic and engaging situations, the knowledge sticks in a much more effective way.


VR technology allows healthcare staff to experience and practice work situations in virtual reality over and over again without the need to involve real care recipients. This provides a unique opportunity for continuous training and development, leading to increased competence, a safer work environment, and better care.

Improved interactions

Through increased empathy and understanding towards individuals with cognitive disabilities, healthcare professionals gain new tools to improve their approach, leading to a better care experience for the recipient of care.


Virotea's VR-based training is available through an annual subscription model and can be customized to meet specific needs and requirements. Contact us to receive a tailored quote that fits your organization's needs.


ViroteaED is a user-friendly and tailored solution for an industry with varying levels of technological proficiency. It's easy to get started; simply put on the VR goggles, select the video, and press play to begin the training.

We want to hear from you!

Contact us today to learn more about how ViroteaED can transform your healthcare staff's understanding and approach, creating a better care experience for your clients!

Common Questions about ViroteaED

Who conducts the education?

You are responsible for training your staff according to your preferences and needs. We provide VR goggles with pre-recorded films, course materials, and support.

What's included?

The training package includes two VR goggles with 4K resolution and high performance. The goggles feature 40 realistic VR films or 20 scenarios (10 for disability services and 10 for elderly care), which illustrate how the staff interacts with care recipients in both adapted and non-adapted ways in each situation. The training includes course materials (VR goggles with films) and discussion prompts to help the staff better apply the new knowledge.

Which healthcare areas does ViroteaED cover?

ViroteaED is designed for elderly care and LSS (Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments) and aims to support healthcare professionals in gaining a better understanding of individuals with cognitive disabilities such as autism or dementia.

Can I try the product before buying?

Of course! Get in touch with us or schedule a demo meeting directly, and we'll arrange it.

How many training videos are available for each area?

There are 10 scenarios for LSS and 10 scenarios for elderly care, totaling 20 scenarios or 40 films. There are actually two films for each scenario, demonstrating both an adapted and a non-adapted approach.

Can I wear regular glasses with the VR headset?

Yes, it's possible to use regular glasses with the VR goggles, but it depends on the size of both the glasses and the VR goggles.

How quickly are the VR headsets delivered?

Delivery of the VR headsets takes only 2-4 days from the time of ordering.

What is the cost of the VR-based education?

The price for the VR experiences is based on an annual subscription. Contact us if you want to know more.

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