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Feel the pulse of the city and view the neon lights of Times Square in New York or explore the small alleys of Jerusalem's market district. Or why not bring the nursing home to Santorini?

Not everyone has the physical ability to travel and discover the world. Maybe someone wants to revisit their old childhood neighborhoods? With ViroteaVR, we can offer care recipients to travel digitally without having to leave the safe corner of the home.


Focus on quality of life

We believe that the key to health is a meaningful and stimulating everyday life. By offering an exciting activity in the form of digital travel, we can raise the quality of life for care recipients who would otherwise not be able to leave the accommodation.

A meaningful activity

According to the Public Health Agency, 34% of the elderly between the ages of 65 and 85 suffer from anxiety, worry or anxiety. By offering care recipients a meaningful activity that they enjoy and look forward to, we want to add a golden edge to life for our elderly.

Perfect for groups

The ViroteaVR package includes two pieces of VR glasses. Staff use an accompanying tablet to determine the destination, which in turn is sent out to the glasses. In this way, care recipients can travel to the same destination and experience things together - something that can start dialogues and trigger memories.

Large selection of destinations

We adapt all image and film material in the glasses to the target group and can also tailor content upon request. We have a large selection of over 1000 images and videos that include everything from Christmas markets, tropical destinations, guided tours, concerts, bustling cities, harmonious forests and much more.

Control everything with our web application

On  staff can choose from thousands of images and videos to show in the VR glasses. The media library is designed to help the user easily navigate through the content and find something exciting. All the staff has to do is click on a picture or video to send it over to the glasses.

Alla videoklipp

Alla videoklipp

Watch Now

ViroteaGO is welfare technology based on Virtual Reality (VR) and is aimed at businesses that provide home care or personal assistance. For caregivers who have limited time with each care recipient and have a lot to do, this is the service you are looking for.


Staff who bicycle to care recipients can easily bring "the whole world" with them in their backpack.


Our other solutions

Experience-based VR training for healthcare professionals

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