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Experience our VR products for healthcare and social care!

Virotea offers two innovative VR products designed for healthcare and social care.

Our VR training strengthens and develops staff in interacting with individuals with cognitive decline, and our VR experiences offer care recipients an exciting and meaningful activity to break the monotony of daily routines. VR technology always puts the user at the center. Based on our experience and understanding of the healthcare and social care sectors, we have developed customized solutions that fit perfectly into these environments.


The technology we offer is streamlined, user-friendly, and easy to integrate into operations. Find out how our VR products can improve your care environment and contribute to a more engaging, rewarding, and secure experience for your care recipients.

Our Products

Experience-based VR Training for Healthcare Staff

Experiences for Residents in LSS and Elderly Care.

Welfare Technology and VR

The National Board of Health and Welfare's definition of welfare technology is "digital technology that aims to maintain or increase safety, activity, participation, or independence for a person who has or is at increased risk of having a disability."

Welfare technology is part of e-health, which refers to digital technology that leads to improved quality of life for the elderly and people with disabilities. With welfare technology, care and services are knowledge-based, safe, equitable, efficient, accessible, and tailored to the individual's needs. Virtual Reality (VR) involves using a pair of VR goggles to enter a different environment, which can be digitally constructed or recorded in a 360-degree view. The VR goggles fill your entire field of vision, allowing you to explore the surroundings as you turn your gaze in different directions.

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