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VR Creates Meaningful Moments at the Nursing Home

Living in a nursing home can be a challenge for many seniors. The two most important factors that affect their quality of life are the care they receive and the opportunity to live a meaningful life.

Virotea's service, ViroteaVR, offers residents at nursing homes the opportunity to experience virtual adventures as a group. For example, a guided tour of London opens the door to social interaction and breaks the daily monotony of life. VR experiences are a proven key component in providing the elderly with a meaningful activity to look forward to.

Icelandic boat at sun set

Virotea's founder, Ivan Perlesi, shares a thought-provoking story from the first pilot project at a nursing home. There was a newly arrived man who was suffering from anxiety because he had lost his independence and needed help with everything. He had no desire to interact with others in his surroundings and was very reserved for several weeks.

When he had the opportunity to experience a VR film from a ferry in Iceland, something amazing happened. He suddenly took off his VR headset and enthusiastically began sharing his life story with everyone in the room. The VR experience triggered memories from his time as a crew member on a ferry during his younger years.

This VR experience had successfully opened him up and his willingness to share his stories with others. The nursing home staff were surprised and delighted by the change they had witnessed. The relationship between the staff and the residents significantly improved when they had the opportunity to communicate and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Our commitment to reducing mental health issues among the elderly is strong, and we are determined to continue our work. Virotea strives to provide more seniors with the chance to create meaningful moments and experience an improved quality of life with the help of the latest technology. With a growing awareness of the importance of quality elderly care and support from the community, we believe we can create a brighter future for all seniors.

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