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Verklighetslabbet and Clinical Training Center


Verklighetslabbet strives to promote research in the environment where interventions are planned. Through close collaboration and short decision-making processes, they enable innovative research and projects in cooperation with users, staff, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students. The goal is to offer a realistic development environment for tests in equal welfare technology, digitization, and the development of care and housing forms.

The Clinical Training Center (KTC) supports practical training for healthcare personnel, students, and trainees. Through simulators and experienced staff, competence for high-quality care and nursing is developed.


Investigate the user experience of ViroteaED and the VR training in customer interaction for individuals with cognitive impairments to enhance staff learning.


  • Evaluate the user experience and improvement possibilities for ViroteaED and the VR training.

  • Analyze the customer process and Virotea's involvement at the start of new clients.

  • Compare users' self-perceived learning with VR goggles and theoretical training.


20-week pilot project with elderly care and LSS group homes. Evaluation through a survey conducted alongside the training.


The project is led by Verklighetslabbet in the Enskede-Årsta-Vantör district administration. Project partner is Virotea AB. The test environment is KTC.


Successful project completed with satisfied participants who believe that VR training enhances learning. The majority prefer VR compared to theoretical training. Even managers of employees who participated in the training felt that it was effective in increasing learning. KTC and Virotea collaborated smoothly according to both participants and project management.

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