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We welcome Upplands-Bro Municipality to the Virotea family!

We are thrilled to welcome Upplands-Bro Municipality as one of our new clients. They have started using our new service, ViroteaED, which is an empathy-enhancing VR-based training tool. The service provides a smooth, accessible, and effective method to educate staff on how to interact with care recipients.

We strive to offer the best learning and development opportunities to our customers. Our hope is that ViroteaED will become an important part of training programs in many municipalities throughout Sweden.

Therefore, it is exciting to highlight that our platform contributes to increased competence and development for the staff in Upplands Bro Municipality. Through close collaboration with the municipality, we ensure that everyone has the education and information they need to perform their job as efficiently as possible.

So, welcome Upplands-Bro Municipality to the Virotea family and the ViroteaED platform!



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