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Welfare technology and VR

The National Board of Health and Welfare's definition of welfare technology is "digital technology that aims to maintain or increase safety, activity, participation or independence for a person who has or is at increased risk of having a disability."


Welfare technology is included in e-health, i.e. digital technology that leads to increased quality of life for people with disabilities and older people. With the help of welfare technology, care is knowledge-based, safe, equal, efficient, accessible and based on the individual's needs.


Virtual Reality (VR) means that you are transported into another environment with a pair of VR glasses. This environment can be digitally constructed or recorded in 360 degree angle. The VR technology fills your entire field of vision, which means that the surroundings can be explored when you turn your gaze in different directions.

How it works

Getting started with VR for your business is easier than you think!

Benefits of VR

The advantages of implementing VR as an activity or support in your business are many.

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